“Shi Gong Chris and Jodie. How do I ever express my gratitude to you both for the constant care and nurturing you both have given to Joshua. On this very special day on receiving his black sash I can say I am so proud of Joshua and his ever persistent patience and want of more and to be the best he can be; and that is because of you both caring for him as one of your own. So I thank you from my heart.” 

“Chris and his team were fantastic with our students. They are highly engaging and provide students with real life scenarios and coping strategies to get out of trouble. They got our students to move out of their comfort zone and try something new. We cant wait to book you again for next year. ”
Lauren Bellman

“Great place with a fun, relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. Very supportive and experienced instructors. A realistic style of self defence suitable for someone of any age or gender. I’ve been a student for almost 18 months and my physical fitness and confidence have improved markedly. Try it, you won’t regret it!”
Simon Jonespinoza

“Chris always brings enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism and community spirit to every event, workshop or seminar. He is a fantastic facilitator and he and his team draw out the best in every student. Highly recommend Chris and all the team at Sydney Self Defence Centre.”
Cathy Nisbet



“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to yourself and your team for providing the recent self defence training program to Council’s Parking Officers.

The training program you designed personally for the Parking Officers gave them a very real base from which to build their skill levels. The fact that your program dealt with the mental and emotional sides of confrontation allowed participants to view confrontation from both sides and therefore understand situations from all viewpoints.

All of the staff who participated in the training indicated that they would very much like to continue this type of training, with your company, in future. This is feedback that I have not witnessed before from any type of training program in my 15 years within Local Government.  

Staff have relayed to me that they were extremely happy with the relaxed, supportive and interactive manner in which you delivered the program. I have been advised that all staff actively participated in conversations and the physical self defence component of the course.

Once again I would like to express the appreciation of Kogarah City Council for providing Council with this training course. Council looks forward to working with your company to expand this type of training in future.”
Jason Kneipp
Manager Environmental Health & Regulatory Services
Parking Officer – Self Defence Training

“Shi Gong Chris Futcher-Coles recently visited our two Seniors’ Clubs to introduce us to Self Defence for Seniors. I was astounded to see my entire group of 60+ Seniors aged 60 – 94 all on their feet, involved and enthusiastically participating and practicing the techniques that Chris was demonstrating. We were all amazed that no matter what age, fitness or body strength, his techniques can be used safely and efficiently. Many Seniors have remarked since, that they do feel more secure and confident in their everyday activities.

Chris treated our Seniors with sincere kindness and understanding, he was an excellent presenter, using engaging situations, humour and a lifetime of knowledge to enthral his audience.”
Dianna Hammond
Carlingford Seniors’ Morning Tea Clubs


“The Self Defence course run by Chris has been an extremely important part of our Pastoral Care policy. He is a most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive instructor who holds the attention of all our students over the two hour period. His message is clear and vital to the self awareness of our senior students. Our girls participate enthusiastically in all the self defence steps and finish tired but more confident and aware of the possible dangers around them. They are also much more fully informed about the processes involved to keep themselves out of harms way. He conducts each session in a practical manner that is fun for all students.

We have engaged Chris’ services for the past five years at Cerdon and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.”

Andrew Moody
Yr 12 Guidance Coordinator Cerdon College