Welcome to our new and exciting website

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our new and exciting website.

Mark this as just the beginning. Pretty much everything we do has it’s own space. This website site will grow, with a password protected area, this is our next level.

A portal for all of our student’s curriculum, events, equipment, bookings, at our Martial Arts HQ at Sydenham.

A platform for all our Clients, Corporate, Community, Seniors, Schools, Colleges, Universities nationally and internationally to have follow up training and online learning availability.

Please enjoy, have a good look around, give us your feedback. Like and review us on Facebook, Instagram and check out YouTube. You know the drill, just do it.

Thank you for your support over the last 30 years. Keep watching this space, it’s growing.

Kindest regards to you, your family and friends.

Shi Gong Chris