Technique of the Week – Wrist Grab Defence

This weeks self defence technique demonstrates how to quickly get out of a wrist grab.

It’s one of the simplest yet most effective self defence moves for getting out of a wrist grab, try it out and make sure to practice it regularly.

This is a beginners technique and is effective no matter your size, all you need is to know the movement and practice it so it becomes muscle memory so that if you get grabbed in real life your body will know what to do without thinking.

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A Little more about Yi Quan Kung Fu

Yi Quan Kung Fu is a very old NON-aggressive but very effective Self Defence based Kung Fu style originally taught by a General for his men to survive in battle. It teaches respect for self, for others, introduces fair discipline and promotes the 5 virtues of: Patience, Perseverance, Kindness, Understanding and Humility.

Yi Quan is a self defence art based on the 5 Elements amplifying the yin/yang philosophy of total balance and harmony. Yi Quan Kung Fu will keep you safe while assisting coordination, flexibility, strength, lifestyle and attitude.

This style of Kung Fu is based on natural bio-mechanics and efficient body usage so even a child, the slightest, smallest man or woman can be effective.

Learning Self Defence is an important skill to have but the benefits on Kung Fu do not stop there. Come in for a free class to try it out and see for yourself!