Fitness Timetable

At Sydney Self Defence Centre we have two types of fitness classes.

Kung Fu Fitness, a high intensity, boot camp style class with a martial arts flavour. You will work up a sweat through cardio and strength training on the punching bags and drills that vary from class to class to keep you on your toes! Train to smash your fitness goals and become a stronger more confident you! This class is suitable for all fitness levels as you train to your personal goals and workout to your own fitness level.

Qi Gong for Life is a Chinese system of physical training, philosophy and preventive and therapeutic health care. It is a soft exercise focusing on breathing techniques, physical postures and slow but controlled movements. This is a great exercise for all levels of fitness and rewarding for all age groups.


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Want more than a fitness class? Our Kung Fu Academy offers ongoing fitness while learning valuable self defence skills. Don’t just sweat, learn a skill that could one day save your life. Talk to us today about a free trial class.