Kung Fu Teens


Falcon Program
Ages 13 to 17

Kung Fu Teens AKA our Falcons is the classification for children participating in the program at ages 13 to 17. We are very proud of our teenage students and our Falcon Program supports developing fine examples of young men and young women with a very bright future. They have the luxury of training both with the Adults and also in their own special class. They will follow their own unique syllabus with special emphasis on wholesome values and success traits. Their specialty classes work on their unique needs as well as working them into the more physically challenging demands of the Adults program.

Falcons will typically be elevated into the Adults program upon turning 17. Students who are ready to move upward and out of the Falcon curriculum into the Adults Program may also do so if everyone, the parent, student and Instructors feel it would be in the student’s best interest. We always have and always will continue to be committed to helping all of our students reach their full potential. We truly believe that our Falcon Program will give your child the tools for success in life!

Success in our Falcon Program leads to many specialty opportunities to join our Leadership Program, our STORM Team (Special Team Of Role Models) and possibly our Black Sash Club if their attitude and aptitude show they are ready after their first grading. Yiquan Kungfu Academy leaves teenagers feeling good about themselves and kick starts their future as exceptional Men, Women and Martial Artists.

Remember, it’s easier to build boys and girls than it is to mend men and women!


A trial class is the best way to find out if Yi Quan Kung Fu is right for your kids!

The trial class will include an introduction to the centre where we will show you around and discuss any personal goals or concerns you may have and how we can help. You will then join in the class to get the full experience.