Kids Anti-bullying Workshop

Kids STAY SAFE Anti-Bullying & Personal Safety Programs

Bullying & Self Defence is very confusing for children. What is appropriate, what is not, why are they picking on me, taking it personally.

We untangle the confusion, build confidence through tools for decision making under pressure, resilience training [letting the words bounce off], identifying danger early and getting away, basic self defence skills and safety tips for the other dangers children might face.


Why it is important for every child to attend this course

1) The Kids STAY SAFE Anti-bullying course is a structured program that identifies many high-risk situations your child may face and gives them the tools to avoid or overcome them.

2) High-risk situations we address include; bullying both online and in the playground, strangers and who you can trust, safety when walking home from school and when home alone, safety around animals, cars, fire, electricity, and swimming pools.

3) Managing fear – it is ok to be afraid but what is it telling you and how can you use it to your advantage.

4) Decision making – what options do you have and where to look for solutions.

5) Recognising danger and abuse. What is ok and what is not. What to do when faced with aggression from other children or adults.

6) Effective self defence – how to get out of holds and grabs, guard against attack and deliver effective hits and kicks to get out of the situation quickly and get to safety.

 Give your child the chance to get their heads around what self defence really is. 

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