STAY SAFE Personal Safety Workshops

STAY SAFE Personal Safety Workshops

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Real self defence for kids, teens and adults

At Sydney Self Defence Centre we run regular Stay Safe Personal Safety Workshops for both Adults and Children. Gift yourself the knowledge and skills to feel safe and confident. Recognise the risk, learn to be aware of potential dangers, equip yourself with life saving skills that’s based on real situations.

Delivered by Chris Futcher-Coles, White Ribbon Ambassador with over 40 years experience in Personal safety, Empowerment and Stay Safe Workshops. Self Defence is a necessity for everyone.

Women – Sadly on average one women per week will die in Australia in Domestic Violence, many hundreds per week will be hospitalised and made homeless. 50% of women in Australia will face physical or sexual violence by a man at some point in their lives. Let’s work together to break this cycle.

Teens – In Australia, 40% of all women have experience violence since the age of 15 years, 33% of women, since the age of 15 years have experience inappropriate comments about their body or sex life. 25% have experience unwanted sexual touching, 19% have been stalked. Education and Personal Safety training is important for both teenage girls and boys.

Kids – Bullying & Self Defence is very confusing for children. What is appropriate, what is not, why are they picking on me, taking it personal. We untangle the confusion, from how to navigate the schools policies and procedures, to resilience training [letting the words bounce off], to basic self defence skills even safety tips for the other dangers kids will face. This workshop is age appropriate 5-12 years, communication based, fun, informative and effective. Kids feel supported & empowered.

Men – Whether young or old, men do not always understand the very good and the very bad they can project in our society. Sadly, 92% of all perpetrators of crime are men, yet men are also at risk from violence, from coward punches, to life changing attacks. This Program deals with honesty and safety. Some men are the problem, most men are the solution to the problem of violence. Whether 15 or 60, we provide the understanding and a level playing field for your safety.

Seniors – As we all grow older our need for safety strategies increases. Our older Australians should be facing respect not danger, but the statistics don’t lie. Physical Attacks at home or out of your home, neglect and as a growing concern domestic violence. We work with what you have, the workshops are balanced and designed for 55 to however young you feel.

Stay Safe Personal Safety Workshops


Stay Safe Personal Safety Workshops


If you have a group interested in Stay Safe Personal Safety Workshops we can organise additional 6 week programs within the centre that suit your groups time availabilities otherwise we have community packages and options and can tailor our programs to suit you, please get in touch for more information and a quote.

For more information or to book call us on 9564 2444 or email chriscoles@sydney-selfdefence.com.au