Adults Kung Fu

YiQuan Adults Kung Fu giving you a new lease on life

YiQuan Kung Fu is all about real life self defence but there is much more to be gained from this martial art style. In the Adults Kung Fu class you will gain confidence, improve your fitness and wellbeing, set goals and achieve them with the help of our qualified instructors. But most importantly you will learn how to identify danger and aggression, know how to control your fear and use it effectively to escape from a threat before it turns violent, which if it does know how to react quickly and get to safety.

‘Since the principles of Yi Quan Kung Fu were honed from the battlefield and primarily designed to be applied against a potentially armed and possibly armoured opponent, Yi Quan favours very direct and incapacitating techniques that would quickly end the encounter. Most other styles consider that striking precise vital points, complicated techniques, prolonged grappling encounters and the use of force against force were the answer in battlefield conditions. Yi Quan believed that evasive continuous, vicious attack with shocking percussive strikes and quick debilitating take downs were much more effective.’

Apart from the obvious effective Self Defence skills, how would you like to make new friends, improve your health both physically and mentally, develop life and leadership skills in a fun environment all while learning to protect yourself and your family? Yi Quan Adults Kung Fu classes could be perfect for you.



A trial class is the best way to find out if Yi Quan Kung Fu is for you!

The trial class will include an introduction to the centre where we will show you around and discuss any personal goals or concerns you may have and how we can help. You will then join in the class to get the full experience.