Changes to the Student Curriculum

Dear Instructors, Students, Parents and Friends,

The subject today is Student Curriculum.

Student Curriculum

When I started my Martial Art in the early 1970’s, Kung Fu was very rare. Judo, real Jujitsu and some Okinawan Karate were more obvious. Our Kung Fu was very old, it’s origins ancient, so a Student Curriculum as such was in the Master’s head, not written down. The grading system was in it’s infancy as well. When I started my own Academies, I could not operate this way, we became one of the first Kung Fu Academies with a set curriculum in Australia.

So the current curriculum as it stands is really my brainchild for good or for bad. Mostly good. We have changed the method of curriculum and grade testing 3 times in my history as Shifu, trying to achieve the right balance for the student and for the times.

The current system worked well for a time, but here are the issues. If an Instructor has 5 sash colour levels on the training floor at the same time and each of them are 1, 2 or 3 stripes he now has 15 levels to work with and on, this is near impossible. We introduced the 3 stripe method to prepare each student and test them with these mini-grading before each colour. It has slowed the progression for the student and made teaching the curriculum for the Instructors difficult and complex.

Next issue is the length of time it takes for the beginners to achieve the Coloured Sashes. The White Sash is the introduction to our Yi Quan Kung Fu Style and the basic movements are introduced here. Once their foundation is set, we solidify their techniques in the following colour sashes. Up until now, we have also allowed all colour sashes to train together, when they should have their own quality time.

So we are about to make our most significant change, this time I believe our last change in curriculum and grading tests.

Curriculum Beginners

White sash to Yellow Sash – Beginner Group

Simple easy straight forward, 20 or so techniques, all basic, lot’s of drills, no stripe level tests, just a pre-grading test prior to the Yellow Sash Test on a Saturday.

A new White Sash student attending 2-3 classes per week should take 2-3 months to achieve Yellow Sash.

Yellow Sash – Orange Sash – Beginner Group

They will start with using the foundation of the White to Yellow Sash increase the practical aspects of the what they have learned at White to Yellow Sash.

There is only 1 Stripe grading [mat tested]. Once achieved the Yellow Sash students start to learn the basic techniques they will need to enter Orange Sash. Then the students are pre-tested prior to the Orange Sash Test on a Saturday.

Orange Sash to Green Sash – Intermediate Group

They have the foundation now, more practical, more contact, more variations. Once completed they will go for 1 Stripe Grading [mat tested], once achieved they start to learn the basic techniques for entry into Green Sash. Then they will have their pre-test prior to the Orange Sash Test on a Saturday.

Green Sash to Brown Sash – Advanced Group

The student’s Yi Quan basics foundation is complete, now we can add the more complex techniques, the tougher combinations, the advanced actions. We use the same method as we have for all previous levels. We prove their techniques learned from the previous level once completed they will go for 1 stripe [mat tested], once achieved they start learning the base techniques for their move to the next coloured sash. The Green, Blue and Brown Sash will have a pretest prior to the Full Test on a Saturday. All Brown Sash Grading Test will no longer be a closed grading.

Brown to Brown/Black Sash – Advanced Group

This is a structured preparation level and will offer great depth and width of technique of technique to the student. There will be 3 stripe tests through this level’s curriculum. The grading test for this level is closed to all but the participant. Tested by Black Sash 1st Degree and above.

Brown Black to Black Sash 1st Degree – Instructor Ready

This is a structured Instructor level preparation grading.  There will be 3 stripe tests through this level’s curriculum. The grading test for this level is closed to all but the participant.

Tested by Black Sash 2nd Degree and above.

This Saturday the 4th of February at 11.30 am will be the final grading of the old curriculum. Best fortune to those going for their next colour sash on Saturday. We are planning to effect the change to the new curriculum from the 3rd of March 2017.

During the remaining February month and into early March we will be set 3 Special New Curriculum Grading Test Classes at 11.30am , Shifu will set the dates and advise this week. Your Instructors will gauge where you are on the New Curriculum.

These Special Grading Tests are Free of Charge, even to Lite Members.

The format will be less formal BUT we will expect the standard of your Yi Quan Kung Fu skills to be high.

There is a very good chance that your current knowledge and ability will advance your grading position upwards especially if you are Green Sash or below.

In other words you may more up in gradings levels.

This new curriculum is fantastic, we cannot wait to get it moving Yi Quan Kung Fu Training forward tinto the 21st Century. Next Chapter is the new Tuition Programmes available and their costs.

I have kept the yearly open until the middle of February for those member who wish to save money and lock themselves into the old prices for 1 whole year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Nai Xin
Shi Gong Chris


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