Disease and Qigong

Shi Gong thought for the week.

Disease is a word we generally relate in modern usage to health, viruses and ailments of the organs and body. In my Qigong and Kungfu training I was taught that Dis…….ease, has as much to do with your state of mind and your strength of will as it has to do with your body or it’s sickness and ill health.

Your mind and your will are powerful, Remember the quote from Henry Ford, ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.’ Your mind and will need conditioning and exercise as much as your body.

Without doubt, Qigong is a moment in time, your chance to relax, re-energise and live in the present, better still; your chance to be ‘in the moment’. You let everything go within Qigong, no work, no pressure, no past, no future, no family, no problems, no thoughts nor actions for anyone else but you. Yes, that’s right, YOU!

Qigong is your wonderfully, purely selfish opportunity to grow, relax, exercise and re-energise. Rebuilding and stimulating the power of your mind, body and will, with every breath, with every movement.

I love Qigong, it was a gift given to me, over 35 years ago that I share with my students at every class, at every opportunity. Don’t let things get in the way, come have a selfish moment with me.

Your Shi Gong,


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