Yi Quan Kung Fu – Why choose us over other Martial Arts


Why choose Yi Quan Kung Fu over the likes of other styles of Martial Arts?

A good question but I guess the answer relates more to what type of person you are and wish to become, as much as how we differ in what we do from MMA, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and the rest.

Please let me explain. Yi Quan Kung Fu is not a sport, never has been, not since the beginning of our branch of the style, some 900 years ago. Yi Quan [pronounced Yee Chewen] and our sister style, Eagle Claw, were designed by a Chinese General for his men to survive in battle. There are no rules in battle just self-discipline, no referees in battle just life or death decisions. Decisions that must be made without a cloud of anger or aggression, decisions based on ability, knowledge, technique and again self-discipline.

We feel anyone in life, who has trained hard and acquired simple but effective physical and mental skills teamed with a good character and self-discipline, will always succeed.

With that said we work on the individual, we run our classes where everyone works towards the growth of one’s self and those around you. We teach simple and effective Martial Arts honed through centuries of battle, cultures, countries and times. We are a soft style which means we work to create a harmony of your mind, body & will. We use our attacker’s intention, momentum, weight and force against them. We work towards our own self-development not the destruction of others, never the destruction of others. If we are forced to use our abilities, we are one of the most powerful self defence forms of Martial Arts you will ever see.

Whilst there are plenty of Martial Arts Styles around like MMA, Karate & Tae Kwon Do and so many nontraditional Martial Art Styles. Most are young, created in the last 100 years, many are sport or tournament based, competitive in the ring but not street wise. Many try to build confidence through the destruction of others.

Come and see our Academy, we are not an expensive Martial Art to learn, we are rare, as there are only about 7 or 8 schools in the world who teach what you will learn through us. We look forward to meeting you.