Have you seen the accounts of #metoo in your newsfeed? It’s a call to raise awareness of just how prevalent sexual assault and harassment is in our society.

Men need to see and understand what women are going through and the effect it has on each and every one of them.

We ask you to take 2 minutes and do a Facebook search of #metoo and see just how many of the women you know are speaking out about their experiences.

As a White Ribbon Ambassador Chris and everyone at the Sydney Self Defence Centre is behind educating boys and men as to what is acceptable behavior and what is not. We also strive to empower women so there is an understanding that it is not their fault and not to accept violence or harassment in any form.

Let’s stand together and make the change. We encourage you to get onboard and spread the word so we can get an understanding of how big a problem this is by using the hashtag #metoo for women and #ihave for men. Men it is time to stand up and let it be known that even just letting something slide, a joke or what might seem like harmless flirting is actually really threatening and uncomfortable for women and by no means is violence or force ok, ever.

#metoo #ihave